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This article is from the March 2013 issue of Holy Trinity Church Parish News

In these stringent economic times we all need to think more carefully about being innovative with the money we do have. Saving up for holidays and special occasions or even setting up a small business and seeking advice when things are difficult ‐ all these services are offered by the Credit Union as I was told by our four Holy Trinity volunteers when I went to have a cup of coffee and a chat with them one Thursday morning in the Masonic Hall in Church Street.

This article is from the March 2013 issue of Holy Trinity Church Parish News

The Hope Debt Advice Service is a Christian-based voluntary organization supported financially by various churches and, currently, by a major contribution from Wessex Water. The organization traces its origin to a Faithworks Conference held in March 2006 in St Margaret's Hall.

Quite ordinary people can fall into debt for all sorts of reasons and can have little idea of how to go about digging themselves out. Before the Financial Crisis (the Credit Crunch) it was often seen as being due to irresponsible use of credit cards, but now, increasingly, it is due to a reduction in income.

Wiltshire Council has embarked on an innovative programme to deliver community campuses across Wiltshire. The aim of a campus programme is to make maximum and efficient use of the council’s buildings – both new and existing – and create campuses that deliver more for local communities. What a campus will look like, what services will be provided, or where it will go, will be community led and subject to extensive consultation with local people and partners.

In July this year, the Bradford on Avon Area Board established a Shadow Community Operations Board (COB) to develop the Campus proposal. The Board, made up of local volunteers and chaired by Cllr Jonathan Brown, has a key role in engaging with the community, defining community need and being the key conduit for consultation locally. BoACAN is on the Shadow COB.

One of the main ideas behind campuses is to create flexible spaces, which can be used for a variety of purposes and by a variety of organisations. As an example of what is possible, look at the links for the Corsham Campus: and

During 2013 there will be consultations on both the Neighbourhood Plan and the Campus Development. The essential difference is that the Neighbourhood Plan is concerned with the establishment of spatial planning policies and proposals for the town and the Campus proposal is concerned with the provision of services to the community.

For more information on the Bradford on Avon Community Campus:

Presentation by Nicole Smith - Head of Strategic Housing, Wiltshire Council, explaining the housing need in the Bradford community area, and how the Under-occupancy charge (bedroom tax) element of the Welfare Reform Act affects those housing requirements.

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Do you run a small, creative enterprise of have an idea for an innovative social project and need to raise some funds?

The attachment is from The Spark magazine, page 29 of Autumn 2012 Edition. Read the online magazine:

In April 2013 the welfare system will change. It will be the biggest change for more than 60 years. It is designed to simplify the benefit system and encourage people to work, while protecting the most vulnerable in our society. It will affect many people across the country and if you are in receipt of benefits, or if you are an employer, then it will affect you too.

The Wiltshire Council website outlines what the changes are:

The following is a link to a video explaining the changes:

The attachment is a Wiltshire Council document with details of where to get help and support.

Wiltshire Voices is a project that aims to find new ways of reaching out to people who do not, or cannot, attend the council’s Area Board meetings. Wiltshire Voices aims to do this by talking and listening to local people and recording their stories.

There will be a total of 12 projects with each project focusing on a specific group of people who normally struggle to get their voices heard. 

One of the films was made locally and is about the lives of boaters living on the Kennet and Avon Canal. Click on this link to watch the film:

The other 11 films are listed on the Wiltshire Council website:

The Wiltshire Police website has useful information such as:

  • How to contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team, and who they are
  • Local priorities and follow up actions
  • Keeping Safe

The phone number to report minor crimes is 101.