This report was put together by Jim Lynch from BoACAN and Peter Dunford, the Area Board Manager, to gather information on the current reality of the air quality problem in Bradford on Avon and to identify ways to move forward. It was a key document used in the launch of Bradford on Avon Air Quality Alliance in February 2013.

You can download the full report by clicking on the link below:

Having read the Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA) for the Bradford on Avon Community Area, David Gregory extracted content based on BoACAN themes. You can download his document here.

Bradford on Avon Community priorities have been brought together into a single comprehensive and succinct report by Wiltshire Council. The report is called the Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA). Each of the 20 community areas in Wiltshire has one. They can all be downloaded at:

The ones specific to Bradford on Avon Community Area are listed below and can be downloaded.