• BoACAN is an independent open network of individuals, groups, and organisations, working together to provide a unified voice about local issues. We work in partnership with Wiltshire Council, the Town Council and Parish Councils and other key decision-making bodies.

Business Friendly BoA
  • Promoting the town and 'Made in Bradford' brand, supporting the town centre through the 'Town First' initiative, sponsoring data-based research on the 'Creative Economy' of Bradford on Avon.

Family Friendly BoA
  • A key issue emerging from the community, encompassing a range of initiatives, facilities and events, aimed at parents and families and promoted through new social media tools.

Active BoA
  • BoaCAN is integrally involved in the Sports Festival and other sports and leisure events. We are working on the creation of key legacy initiatives from this engagement such as a sporting campus for the town.

Sustainable BoA
  • Working in partnership with Climate Friendly Bradford and others to put sustainability at the heart of all our thinking and working.

Creative BoA
  • Supporting action-based research into the creative economy of the Community Area.

Senior BoA
  • Supporting full, creative, independent living for all in our senior community.